Head of Digital Marketing at SportsBroker

Job Description


Job Title: Head of Digital Marketing
Reporting to: Deputy CEO
Direct Reports: Social Media Manager, Creative Director, CRM Manager Overall Purpose:
We are looking for an experienced and result-driven Head of Digital Marketing to join our Team.
The Head of Digital Marketing will provide vision and leadership for the strategic development of SportsBroker’s digital marketing landscape ensuring the delivery of an excellent, stimulating and innovative digital experience to our customers. In a highly competitive environment of the gaming industry we need to provide sector leading experience for our clients, utilising the latest multi-channel communication tactics and technologies. Digital marketing strategies are extremely important for our company's success, so your position will play a crucial role in achieving our business goals and objectives.
As an expert in your field, you will lead the enhancement of SportsBroker’s digital channels through continuous development and enhancement of our digital presence including user experience (UX), content, SEO, CRM and mobile. Throughout, you will drive the brand through all communications and channels – maximising ROI, reach and reputation amongst our key audiences.
You will oversee the development of core content and social strategies through your team to enrich engagement, exercise synergies across marketing outputs and unlock potential content and campaigns.
You will also give strategic direction and leadership to the marketing team to ensure rich engagement with key audiences.
You will lead further CRM integration to facilitate personalised, relevant and timely communication with our key audiences to enable them to have a best-in-class product experience.
Success will be measured by the development and delivery of a content and social strategic plan, quality of output, audience engagement, sales performance, and the meeting of bespoke KPIs.
If you're dedicated, ambitious, and have experience and a big passion for digital technologies and utilising different digital marketing channels, SportsBroker is an excellent place to grow your career. Don't hesitate to apply.
Strategic development:
•As key stakeholder, actively contribute to the devising of the Company’s digital strategy, steer best practice in the area of digital user experience and content through industry best practice and analytic data.
•Explore the utilisation of market leading, multi-channel communication developments and technologies to keep all our audiences informed, engaged and connected with SportsBroker.
•Anticipate sales performance trends.
•Devise strategies to drive online traffic to SportsBroker website and maximise ROI.
•Oversee the social media strategy for SportsBroker.
•Devise and deliver an effective content marketing strategy securing feedback, endorsement and support from key stakeholders, tailored to audience and SportsBroker brand.
•Devise the marketing-focussed digital strategy, securing feedback and endorsement from key stakeholders.
•Research competition, investigate benchmarks and provide suggestions for improvement.
Team management:
•Lead the content, web and CRM areas to deliver industry leading digital experience and traffic and reputation enhancing content that meets the strategic objectives of SportsBroker, supported by analytics.
•Regularly meet with the team to define and manage digital, content and CRM development.
•Develop team members through reviews, objectives and identify training where required.
•Lead by example and motivate team members to deliver excellence in everything they do.
•Drive innovation and encourage the marketing team to seek out and identify new trends in digital, including technical enhancement, content creation and deployment.
•Drive efficiency and plan processes that will aid digital delivery, content creation and its organisation.
•Anticipate future demands and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and formulate action plans where necessary.
Digital performance management:
•Track conversion rates and make improvements to the website.
•Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns, work closely with the marketing team and third party agencies.
•Utilise a range of techniques including paid search and social media, SEO and PPC.
•Evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
•Enhance analytic tools use and understanding, placing metrics at the heart of everything we do across digital.
•Lead analytic use and best practice approach through teams.
•Develop KPI structure for digital performance review.
•Ensure any changes in legislation or regulation are implemented or observed.
Online brand management:
•Manage online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness.
•Advocate of the brand essence, identity and tone of voice guidelines.
•Ensure adherence to and implementation of the above across our digital infrastructures and in all copy and content creation, adhering to appropriate sign- off procedures.
Digital innovation management:
•Manage any future plans for redesign of SportsBroker’s website and bring enhancements to the Company’s marketing-focussed digital landscape.
•Improve the usability, design, content and conversion of the Company’s website.
•Review new technologies and keep the Company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing and experience.
•Oversee digital campaign plans to ensure they are innovative, brand led and effective.
•Work with the marketing team to devise more effective integrated campaigns.
Social media management:
•Lead the development, adoption and stewardship of social media both within the marketing team and the Company.
•Provide consultation to colleagues in the creation of innovative content plans to engage audiences in a social media space.
•Install and oversee social metrics to provide insight into social and content performance as well as brand empathy.
Customer relationship systems management:
•Oversee CRM system implementation, development, and management.
•Work closely with CRM Manager on creation, implementation, optimisation and reporting on multichannel CRM programmes which build customer journey whilst delivering an elevated, consistent and efficient brand experience.
•Advocate the culture of effective customer relationships management and customer communication excellence across the organisation.
Liaison with key stakeholders:
•Liaise with key stakeholders to devise and plan a comprehensive digital strategy (including but not limited to web, content and CRM).
•Manage relationships with third party digital agencies and suppliers.
Education / Qualifications:
•Marketing degree or equivalent relevant experience.
•Previous experience in a similar digital role (5+ years).
•2+ years of experience in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies.
•A passion for sport and deep understanding of the sports betting industry.
•Experience in managing websites, social media, PPC and SEO.
•Experience in using CRM and marketing automation platforms.
•Possess technical knowledge on available standards, methods, tools and applications, and be able to analyse requirements and advise on scope and options, as required.
•Strong understanding of current digital marketing concepts, strategy and best practice.
•Familiarity with the industry’s requirements and the company's brand image, products, and services
•Experience of seeding content on social media, interacting with followers and creating ‘buzz’.
•Experience in overseeing UX and analytics.
•Experience of working with social influencer and affiliate programmes.
•Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success.
•Communicate effectively and at all levels, be it at board level, with colleagues or vendors.
•Be able to source and manage vendors, develop and maintain good working relationships to deliver requirements in accordance with budgetary thresholds to achieve value for money.
•Have a high level of personal responsibility and be able to establish and initiate own work and set own objectives and milestones. Be capable of advising and offering objectives for others.
•The ability to suggest and develop creative ideas and treatments for online content (such as video, copy, images) for multi-channel campaigns.
The ability to influence beyond direct responsibilities in terms of a customer- first, digital-first mindset. 

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