Health and Safety Manager

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  • Published : 2022-11-15
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Job Description

  • Job Title Health Safety Manager


Role Purpose: Provide visible Health and Safety leadership and direction to a Mace Dragados JV project and be part of the health and safety team to implement project decisions by being a provider of guidance.

Role Profile Accountabilities

• Act as H&S advisor in own area, to keep the team abreast of new developments, and apply professional standards to ensure best practice.

• Maintain core areas of expertise and impart knowledge to aid the development, training and mentoring of others.

• Apply tools and techniques, define local strategies and methods to initiate and/or implement change to improve project H&S performance.

• Provide H&S advice to MDJV managers and project managers to assist them in achieving project objectives.

• Maintain awareness of project implications of own activities to improve the quality of technical or project recommendations.

• Create, develop and maintain a range of internal/external relationships to maximise impact of expertise and knowledge to influence the quality of decision making.

• Advise on and interpret project contractual and statutory requirements and obligations to protect the project’s integrity.

• Establish, develop and maintain relationships with customers, partners and suppliers to assist the achievement of project targets.

Competency Responsibilities

? H&S Management System Development, Implementation and Audit

? H&S Risk Management

? H&S Incident Reporting and Investigation

? H&S Standards and Evaluation of Compliance

? H&S Emergency Preparedness and Response

? H&S Performance Monitoring and Measurement

? H&S Objectives, Targets and Planning

? Strategic H&S Risk Management

? Policy and Strategy Development

? Knowledge Building and Evaluation

? Communication

? H&S Leadership – Credibility

? H&S Leadership – Delivering through others

? H&S leadership – Building lasting relationships

Knowledge, Skills and Experience for the Health and Safety Manager

Appropriate diploma plus professional qualification OR significant qualitative experience. Business acumen for enhancing and interpreting H&S business objectives. Pro-active project focus displaying a clear understanding of their needs. Full awareness of IT capability. Actively promote H&S best practice. Communication and interpersonal/presentation skills and proven ability to present information to different audiences at project and business unit level. Ambassador for H&S and the project. Demonstrate and coach/mentor others in the project values.

Scope for the Health and Safety Manager, as described by the Role Characteristics and their levels.

1. Reading, Interpreting, Writing, Reporting - the most accurate description of the reading, writing and reporting activities required of the role.

The Health and Safety Manager will be involved in the interpretation and development of H&S documents, investigations and reports for use in communicating H&S concepts or addressing controversial issues.

2. Results of Data Analysis Activities - manner in which data is used to achieve results in the role.

The Health and Safety Manager will be involved in the development of project rationale for decision-making purposes. The role may require the H&S Managers active participation in the process of designing and integrating the various components of a processes or systems.

3. Overall Knowledge and Skills - overall knowledge and skills that are required of the role.

The Health and Safety Manager will require the knowledge and application of technical H&S theories and principles of health and safety management. This could be attained through certificate (diploma or higher) and additional appropriate experience, or having equivalent appropriate experience. The role will require the Health and Safety Manager to be technically capable in health and safety where the individual will be expected to operate with additional technical help and guidance.

4. Contacts - relationship of the role with contacts either inside and/or outside the company.

The Health and Safety Manager will require developing communication skills to seek co-operation from, persuade or influence others within the project. The Health and Safety Manager will need to develop relationships and persuade others to resolve problems, change people’s minds, or produce customer satisfaction. The ability to listen to others and to develop a mutual understanding is an important requirement of the role.

5. Thinking Range - freedom to consider alternatives or options when tackling issues/problems.

The Health and Safety Manager solves problems using processes and standards within the framework of corporate goals and company objectives.

6. Problem Solving - typical problems that the Health and Safety Manager is regularly expected to solve.

The Health and Safety Manager must typically identify relevant information, apply careful interpretation, analysis and diagnosis and develop a solution from many different models or alternatives. Role duties may lead to situations where judgements or decisions have to be made. Often the Health and Safety Manager will have to define the nature of the problem (which may not readily be clear). The Health and Safety Manager will be required to deal with H&S issues/problems.

7. Job Independence - the most accurate description of how the Health and Safety Manager works.

Once given objectives the Health and Safety Manager sets to work achieving them. The Health and Safety Manager may upon authority apply to change methods of working and

Classification - Public

approaches as required for getting the job done from the Senior Manager, Associate Director or Operations Director Health and Safety.

8. Job Output - most typical end result.

The Health and Safety Manager will provide specialised services and skills and/or carry out investigative analytical or diagnostic services to support a business unit’s / projects progress or results and contribute to H&S management decision-making.

9. Leadership/management of people - the degree to which the Health and Safety Manager contributes to the management and the performance improvement of others.

The Health and Safety Manager could provide the technical guidance to a team with no direct reports. The Health and Safety Manager is responsible for helping others and providing leadership, coaching or guidance.

Personal Qualities for the Health and Safety Manager Role

Core Personal Qualities

Customer Focus - focuses on working in partnership with the customer.

The Health and Safety Manager seeks to add value to customer relationships by applying H&S services. The Health and Safety Manager may assist in the monitoring of customer satisfaction.

Business Focus - focuses on the level of commercial awareness and strength of impact and benefit to the business.

The Health and Safety Manager acts to improve business focus by being open to commercial opportunities in support of MDJV mission and goals.

Integrity and innovation - focuses on the increasingly challenging conditions under which the individual maintains integrity.

The Health and Safety Manager demonstrates integrity. The Health and Safety Manager encourages innovative ideas from others. Invites innovative alternatives to existing ways of doing things, is receptive and encouraging.

Quality Focus - focuses on commitment and pride in doing a professional job and increasingly spreading the impact of this attitude across the organisation.

The Health and Safety Manager demonstrates professional standards of behaviour and encourages others to look for improved ways of doing things.

Self Development - focuses on proactivity in taking action to promote long term personal growth and development.

The Health and Safety Manager seeks and takes on board training and developmental experiences, designed to assist long-term personal growth and development.

Team Working - focuses on demonstrated ability to increasingly build overall team morale and co-operation.

The Health and Safety Manager promotes a friendly and productive climate to build good morale and co-operation. Promotes the team positively to other areas of the business and vice versa.

Additional Personal Qualities

Influencing - focuses on the increasing complexity of influencing strategy applied to win others round.

The Health and Safety Manager works with others to persuade or influence others and helps with preparatory work to gain buy-in, including lobbying and building coalitions (work groups).

Analytical - focuses on ability to prioritise process and interpret information logically.

The Health and Safety Manager breaks problems or processes into component parts and analyses using a range of analytical techniques and tools.

Judgement - focuses seeking and weighing up a range of views or options to reach a balanced decision.

The Health and Safety Manager understands the knock on effects of decisions and takes action to apply the most appropriate and timely decision.

Reporting to:

Associate Director - Health and Safety

Additional Technical Responsibilities

• Assist in the achievement the MDJV vision and strategy on Health and Safety

• Apply and develop the existing Health & Safety management system

• Develop the Health & Safety competence and awareness of MDJV staff and other stakeholders to achieve Safety First. Second Nature

• Supporting bid information proposals and bid presentation teams

• Establishing and maintaining contact with key internal and external stakeholders

• Project based support advice and auditing

• Providing training, reporting, and communication support

• Being recognised as the primary project contact for specialist advice

• Providing direct H&S support role to construction projects within the respective construction sector

• To monitor and report on the performance of designated projects


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